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horrible mansion in wild village (2016)

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horrible mansion in wild village (2016)

Informasi Film horrible mansion in wild village (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Genre: Horor, Thriller

Director: Lu Shiyu

Stars: Kara Hui, Cai Juntao, Zhang Jiahan, Chen Yuaner, Jia Lin, Tang Guozhong, Jiang Wenli

Synopsis: On the eve of the Spring Festival, the perennial book editors than the Yi motorcycle ride with friends were separated, on his way to a car accident, he was a red girl to a mountain old house, where he experienced love and hate, The test of meat. Night half of the top crawling horror woman, late night singing nursery rhymes enchanting girl, “Twenty-four Filial Piety” in the trance of this world, “old demon bite people” legends into reality. Than Yi exposure to the ancient “Ghost Story” of the yin and yang of the Devil, he found the old house in the creepy secret, he was firmly trapped, can not escape, every step closer to death.